Ridiculously Exciting?

Our local media group, Essex Live, has put together a Festival preview focussing mainly on the Essex artists.  It includes some lovely comments  including this from Chelmsford band The Jackson Line:

“What the Dixie Fields guys have done is incredible – a mix of genuine Nashville stars like Lauren Alaina and the best of the UK modern country scene. It’s ridiculously exciting to be involved.”

We like this from Megan McKenna as well:

“I couldn’t believe it, a few years ago I did an audition singing country music and was told ‘nobody is going to take an Essex girl singing country music seriously’ and now Essex has its very own country music festival which shows how far we have come!”

Holloway Road said :

“It’s cool too that it’s near the old V Festival site! New festivals are always an exciting experience for us. There’s something about the vibe at a new festival when you arrive there.”

Friday night will get the weekend off to a great start with Hannah Parris and Stevie O’Connor. While Stevie will be performing in Essex for the first time, it’s home turf for Hannah:

Hannah Paris and her band will be performing at the campfire acoustic event on the Friday night.

“I have been lucky to perform in my home county many times. The reaction is different. I just love it. I will no doubt have a few new tunes up my sleeve and as we are doing the campfire set, I will have a few covers for the campers to sing along to.”

Speaking about the increase in popularity of country music, Hannah said:

“For too long, most people thought that ‘Country and Western’ as it was known for many years was all about Kenny Rogers, Dolly and Americans in general but it’s so much more. Music styles are constantly evolving and country is a broad church of music, from banjo and bluegrass to rock and pop. Modern Nashville is a different animal than it was 30/40 years ago, it’s forever evolving. A good tune is a good tune, whatever the label you hang on it.”

You can read the whole Essex Live article here