What’s so special about Lauren Alaina?

Many people will think that this is an unbelievably stupid question. She was runner up in American Idol, wasn’t she? But that was in 2011, almost eight years ago. What does it mean for now, 2019 in Essex?

The first thing that it means is that Alaina has undeniable talent. She can really sing. It also means she can reach out and communicate to both masses of people and to individuals – to tough experienced judges and to millions of people watching in their homes as well as those lucky enough to be there, watching live.

American Idol can now be viewed in the UK on Netflix. However it’s probably worth taking a moment to explain to a UK audience just how big a deal it is to make the final in a show that consistently reached no 1 in the US viewing figures during that period.

American Idol is an American singing competition television series in the format based on Pop Idol from British television.  The concept of the series involves discovering recording stars from unsigned singing talents, with the winner determined by American viewers using phones, Internet, and SMS text voting. American Idol also employs a panel of vocal judges who critique the contestants’ performances. The success of American Idol has been described as “unparalleled in broadcasting history” and as”the most impactful show in the history of television”.

Alaina was 16 when she was American Idol runner up. The process of the competition involves touring and singing live to massive audiences as well as enduring the comments of the judges and an extended period of media exposure. For a 16 year old girl from Georgia that must have been quite something But maybe that’s a necessary part of the test. To survive as well as be successful in the singing world it’s necessary to be grounded and resilient as well as to have that magical ability to reach out, stir emotions and touch hearts.

No one has an easy road and Alaina’s no exception. Though she’d been singing since the age of three and had built up her confidence in local talent shows as well as being a cheerleader, her teenage years were not easy. Her parents divorced when she was 18 and she’d also been battling with bulimia. “I had an eating disorder for like four years, and I was just lost,” she explains. “I found myself in these last few years, through music and family and good people around me.”

It seems characteristic of Alaina that she pays tribute to the goodness of others. Her twitter profile proclaims The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, BE one.   And that’s the underpinning for her 2017 album The Road Less Travelled, an outstanding best seller with all 12 tracks written by herself.

Lauren Alaina is now 24. She’s shown that she can cope with both the pressures of stardom and the challenges of personal life which everyone experiences. She’s made a film, won awards and nominations including ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year in 2018. Her current single Ladies in the 90s shows that she can afford to look back – as far as the decade of her childhood – consider the position of female singers then and power up for an even more exciting and fulfilling future.

And in the very near future, just weeks away, comes her UK tour, beginning with her appearance as the Dixie Fields headliner. July 13th will be only the second time she’s performed in this country. We’d say that’s going to be something pretty special….

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